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Non fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes suitable for all types of snow. Thanks to new materials and innovative additives it has been possible to achieve surprising results, very close to those of fluorinated waxes, and with a very wide operating range. Fluor Free Glider embodie the true racing spirit, respecting nature. The new additives, which are completely ecological, increase their water repellency and resistance to abrasion and dirt, as well as a high penetrability in the base. They can be used alone or as a base for perfluorinated waxes in powder or liquid form.

Available in solid form RACING GLIDER (R) in package of 60g, 180g and 900g or in liquid form RACING LIQUID GLIDER (RL) 80 ml alluminium bottle.

All products are FLUOR FREE

Fluor Free Glider

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