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The REACH regulation of the European Union concerning chemicals establishes that from 4 July 2020  products containing PFOA, an impurity present in FLUOR so far used in competition waxes, can no longer be placed on the market. In addition, the problem of the environmental impact of what humanity produces and consumes is increasingly present in daily life. For this reason Rode has developed high-performance products with low environmental impact in recent years and for season 2020/21 presents new product lines for high level competitions in accordance with the new regulation:


Powder & Liquids :   100% purified fluorocarbons in powder and liquid form. PFOA FREE

High Fluor Liquid :     liquid paraffins with high content of PFOA FREE fluorine.

High Fluor :    solid paraffins with high content of PFOA FREE fluorine.

High Fluor Moly:     solid paraffins with high content of PFOA FREE fluorine and molybdenum.

Low Fluor :     solid paraffins with low content of PFOA FREE fluorine.


Eco Glider:    Eco-sustainable natural paraffin  FLUOR FREE

Top Line:     Directly from the wax boxes of the World Cup the new  Top Line KRS3

Waxing table: New alluminium table AR 560


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