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The most used in the World Cup, it doesn't exist competition in which they are not present.
Some formulas, decades old, demonstrate how these products have positioned themselves as leaders to follow and imitate and are still able to make a difference today.

Rode currently distinguishes products into two types:

KLISTER - For transformed, old, icy or grainy snow.
STICK - For new snow or at the beginning of the transformation with crystals still intact.

Both include many products that differ in color and temperature of use which however are indicative as the choice depends on many factors: humidity, shape of the crystal, age of snow", track exposed to the sun or wind...
Some STICKS have a different optimal range of use based on geographical position: for example the snow of northern Europe it is certainly different from the typical one in the Alps.
Simply put: experience matters a lot.

We then have the professional line TOPLINEwhich includes some Sticks and Klisters specifically prepared for World Cup national teams which contain particular components and additives that make them better performing.
All products are FLUOR FREE

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