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2023 marks a new beginning for Rode.

From this year our catalog will have large ones innovations to offer the skier the best experience on tracks and slopes. The idea for this project was born several years ago, but we have only recently began to develop it with great determination years.
Rode is a brand known especially in the Nordic skiing sector and is synonymous with quality and passion and launches a new line of cross-country ski poles and a line of gloves to further strengthen the brand and make it more visible, recognizable and attractive. Our new collections are designed both for athletes and competitions, and for amateurs and simple recreational activities.
The goal was not simply to add new products to the catalog, we wanted to develop high quality products, which we believe can find space in the market and become a sector important for the company.


The new line of cross-country ski poles is made up of models dedicated to high-level athletes, to passionate skiers, beginners and kids who are starting to practice this wonderful sport. We use the most performing and technical materials such as carbon but also 7075 and 5083 aluminum to meet to the different physiological needs of advanced athletes, tourists and beginners.
They are produced in Italy where we can have a closer relationship with our suppliers and are able to interact optimally with them in the process of definition, design and realization of the final product sure of obtaining the best quality. We can combine ours ideas with the experience and ability of the suppliers, of which we know seriousness and professionalism, as well as closeness allows us to have direct control over production and a guarantee fast delivery times.


Our new gloves were designed primarily for cross-country skiing but are suitable also to other disciplines such as biathlon, skiing mountaineering, roller skiing and other outdoor activities;our new collection consists of models for athletes and competitions, and others for amateurs or simple recreational activities.


Product with graphite added, with strong antistatic and durable qualities.
Perfect as a first layer under other products in intermediate and cold conditions.
Improves the performance and durability of the products applied over it.
Also great on its own in very cold and abrasive conditions on both natural and artificial snow.
Packaging: 60gr / 180gr; T° -5°...-30° ; 160° application


Powder for very cold, dry and abrasive snow. To be used alone or in addition to other paraffins to increase durability and to protect the ski-base from snow abrasion.
Packaging: 50gr ; T° -15°...-30° ; application 160°


Manual sharpener for 3-4-5 mm thick plexiglass scraper.


Electric sharpener for 3-4-5 mm thick plexiglass scraper. for fast and precise sharpening.

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