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Abroad only users / companies with a VAT number can register on the site


To register on the site:
> Choose the type of data "Company"
> Fill out the form


Remember the E-mail address and password (8 characters) that you enter as you will need them, when you return to the site, to "login".

The price list corresponding to your User Type and Business Sector will be assigned to you within 24/48 hours.

At the following "Login" to the site, (with e-mail and password) you will be able to see the prices of all the available items and add them to the cart for the purchase.


If you are a VAT registered user, use this form to register.


If you are a distributor / company with a VAT number, use this form to register.

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Abroad Rode sells through e-commerce only to company residing in countries where Rode is not imported by an official distributor.
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